No Days Off

Me wearing a purple NDO band next to my apple watch. I

No Days off. I think the purple NDO band is my favourite today. tomorrow it might be the yellow one, it depends what I’m wearing.

Well, no days off is a bit hard for me to achieve, hardly any days off is more like it.

I discovered using resistance bands for easy, flexible exercise routines I could do anywhere right at the start of writing this blog. My whole reason for starting the blog was to share my belief in the idea that just a few minutes exercise every day, exercises that fit easily into
your usual routine, could help anyone keep fit, slim and healthy.

I started slow but sure, just over  four years ago, and since then I’ve fallen in love with keeping fit. It’s so easy; I don’t struggle fitting it in, and I don’t struggle staying motivated. My only problem is that sometimes once I start a workout, I just don’t want to stop. If only I didn’t then have to quickly shower the sweat off and get to work. I love my Saturday workout, because I can keep going for longer, but what’s really good is that even the ten minutes I manage on other mornings is keeping me in the shape I want to stay as I get older.

Black NDO band in a carry pouch and loose yellow NDO band.

The yellow and black NDO bands. I love that they come in this handy pouch that stops them ending up wrapped around the rest of the stuff in your bag.

So when I heard about the NDO band  I was intrigued. A resistance band, but more stylish. I immediately went online to see how much they were. And the price is good. Three bands (3 different colours) for $46, or one for just $18. That’s less than a tenner for something that will stay neat and tidy in my work bag and be ready to use whenever I want.

The guys who have created these are from Brooklyn though, so add international shipping and it’s less of a bargain. At $33 you’re almost doubling the cost of a set of three.

I did what every self-respecting internet searcher would do and set about finding something similar, but nearer. Nada. I was really sad. I wanted one of those bands. I searched and searched. Everything else was colour coded depending on resistance, I wanted different colours just for the fun of it. I fancied a purple one, a green one, and maybe yellow too. I also wanted to buy a blue one for my partner, and a red one for a friend.

Then Black Friday came around, there was an offer, buy one get one free. Ideal. I bought the West Coast set and the East Coast set, and saved enough to more than make up for the extra shipping.

I was so excited to have six NDO bands on their way to me. I waited anxiously… and waited, and waited. I checked my order, they’d been shipped. Nothing. Eventually I phoned the delivery company. My bands were stuck in customs, and Christmas was getting close. In the end, they cleared customs just two days before I was heading abroad for the holidays, but the sting in the tail was a £30 customs bill. Suddenly my bands had cost me a total of over £90. I was still happy to get them, so happy. It was a shame about the anxious wait, but now it was time to make the most of them, and in my suitcase they went.

Finally it was Boxing day (I couldn’t use mine till the others had theirs) and my first NDO band workout. It was great. The band feels strong and sturdy. I did my usual range of bicep curls, tricep extensions, chest presses, boxercise. All in all, about 30 minutes of a fantastic workout followed by a quick shower and a swim. What a great start to Boxing day.

I don’t wear the band on my wrist unless I’m going for a walk. Mostly it sits in my bag; It’s easier than a standard band (it doesn’t get knotted up and I don’t have to fold it neatly away). None of these is exactly a major issue, but the NDO band just feels really easy to carry around and have to hand whenever I want to use it. I’m very happy with my purchase, and I’m really enjoying my NDOband workouts.

If you want to try some resistance band exercises of your own, you can try my own exercise pages, or you can go and have a look at NDO’s workout videos.

And if, like me, you live in the UK and you really want one (or three) of these beauties, without crazy shipping or customs charges, get in touch. I’ve been in touch with NoDaysOff, and we just might be able to work out a solution if we get enough response.

And, I have one black NDO band to give away, totally free. I have a spare, so why not? Just click through to my MailChimp page for full details.

Don’t worry this doesn’t mean I’ll start bombarding you with emails. I’ll let you know when I blog (about once a month) and I’ll let you know if we can organise a bulk delivery of NDO bands from the US and how much they will cost. But this is just me, one person blogging about fitness in my spare time.

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