Month 3: resistance is useful

I’m still walking three days a week and doing some minor arm work two days a week, plus the crunches and leg work in Exercise sheet 1 every day, whenever I get the chance (or whenever I remember). I’m also doing squats and sit ups using the ‘Just 6 Weeks’ app that I mentioned in
month 2.

I was shown how to do squats as part of a physiotherapy routine after I managed to completely mess up a ligament in my knee (my axial cruciate ligament is gone completely so I need good muscle strength to do the ligament’s job). If you’re not sure how to do a good squat, look it up. The most important thing is to make sure your knees are never in front of the line of your toes as shown in Exercise 2.

I can do the squats in work (every time I go to the loo) or pretty much anywhere if no-one is looking, but the rest I can only do at home where I can lie down. I use a yoga mat when I do stuff like this. If you don’t have one, use a couple of towels on the floor for a bit of padding for your back and hips.

So I’ve been walking plenty, and getting fitter, but not really started to tone up, especially my arms. With all that commuting there has been plenty of time for research, and eventually I thought of a way to do some bicep and tricep curls with resistance. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before, I’ll use resistance bands.

I had a look around, and you can buy lots of fancy ones with handles, but they are bulky to carry round and quite expensive. I was looking or the type you get from a physiotherapist, quite basic, but they still do the job and dead easy to slot in a handbag or a pocket.

For less than a tenner you can get a pack of three different ‘strengths’, just search for ‘resistance bands’ or ‘exercise bands’ and you’ll find loads.

Exercise 2: Squats and resistance illustrates the first few easy resistance-band exercises you can do almost anywhere.

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