Month 2: just keep walking

If I get the train to Manchester Victoria instead of Oxford Road, I get to walk an extra 15 minutes each way, that’s an hour a day altogether, but only for three days a week. Still, I’m getting three hours exercise a week, without really adding any time to my days. The extra fifteen minutes walk just replaces the time I would spend anyway changing trains. And of course walking costs nothing!

I’m doing the exercises from Exercise1 either at my desk or on the train, probably managing to do all of them twice some days. I’m trying to engage my core muscles all the time; walking around, sat at my desk, on the train. It really feels like it’s beginning to have an effect – but not visibly yet. I might have become slightly obsessed, but I reckon it’s worth it.

I’m working at home the other two days so I don’t really get any walking in at all.

I did get a Powerball® for Christmas. I’d heard this little gizmo was good for building strength in your arms so I put it on my Christmas list. I love it, and it means I am finally starting to do some work on my upper body, albeit quite limited. It’s not something I feel comfortable using on the train though; it’s quite noisy, so I only use it the days I work at home.

Luckily for me I also do quite a bit of DIY and I also try to treat any housework I do like exercise. So whether it’s hoovering or hanging washing out, I do it with gusto.

Someone also told me about an App called Just 6 Weeks ( . The idea of this app is to gradually build up to 200 sit-ups, or 150 dips etc.

Just because I’m working from home doesn’t mean I’m not busy, so I just do the sit ups and squats for now. The other exercises are beyond me anyway. And starting from my very low baseline, I can do both of these in just over ten minutes, that’s not much more than it takes for my morning coffee to brew.






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