January is a hard month

You’re back after your holiday break, it’s hard to get back into work. You just want to be sitting by a log fire eating mince pies. Me and my partner go away with friends every other Christmas, to somewhere hot, so for me I just want to be back on that beach and snorkeling again.

I thought all those beach walks, the messing in the sea, and the snorkeling would keep me pretty fit. I was surprised when I got home, that not only had I put on 8lb (those flying fish cutters were extremely good) but I felt sluggish and slow.

Some morning last week, getting out the car, the cold hit me so hard it took me a couple of hundred yards to even loosen up enough to walk at a decent speed. Talk about feeling old again. It makes me wonder how much is mind over matter? Given the funds I’d be heading straight back to Barbados, but since that’s not an option – it was literally the holiday of a lifetime, and who knows when we can get to do that again – I wonder what else I can do to get back into the swing of things.

My ethos tends to be ‘just knuckle down’ so that’s what I do. And while I haven’t exactly thrown myself back into my routine, I am gradually dipping my toes in like a timid bather testing the water. That was a bad analogy, now I’m back to thinking about the beach again.

Anyway, back to the real world.

  • The walk from/to the car will get easier as the weather begins to warm up.
  • I know I just need to drink more water for my hips to stop hurting
  • I’ve lost 5 of the 8lb now that we’re back to our usual healthy eating (turkey chili last night, and it was delicious)

More importantly, I’m back into my usual workout routine, but I want to step it up a bit this year. There’s the cholesterol thing, I have until my next appointment in March to get that under control, so some cardio stuff is a must. And I never did find those abs that I was convinced were hiding somewhere under a layer of stubborn fat.

So now I’m wondering what to try: Hiit workouts? Walking faster? With maybe a tiny bit of jogging thrown in? I’ve never been a runner really. I could sprint fast as a kid, but running bores me, it seems so pointless, and bad for the knees, when mine are bad enough in the first place.

I’d love to go swimming, maybe I’m missing that snorkeling, but I’m not overly impressed with the pools near me – I have no desire to see plasters on the floor as I swim along – so I’ve been looking at gyms with pools. I have no need for a monthly gym membership, so I’m looking at using the Nuffield Health gym on the dock road with PaysYouGym. It’ll be £6.50 when I want to go, but I won’t be wasting a monthly membership. They give a free tryout session, so ‘ll let you know when I’ve been. I might even write a review. And if I use my own affiliate link, in a way it’ll cost me even less…

The healing through movement hip flexor exercises have served me well (read the review). I’ve also tried another one called the 28 day booty burner challenge from Redefining Strength (review on that coming soon, it doesn’t seem to help my stiffness as much, but I like it for other reasons).

So now I’m looking for suggestions. What’s your favourite way to get back into exercise when it’s cold outside and January is, frankly, depressing? I’m really keen to find some new ones to try, as ever of course, they have to be something I can try at home (although I might consider swimming) and something I can fit in with just 15 minutes spare in the morning before I head to work, or even better, something I can do using my new NDO band.


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