It’s never too late to start your new year resolutions

My last post on this blog was August 2017. A new job with early mornings and late nights had the usual consequences; workouts went out the window, and so did my writing.

But a new year always brings new inspiration doesn’t it? So in January I recommitted to getting fit and started my system again from scratch. I looked back to the very beginning and started doing all those little, but everywhere exercises again.

From early morning stretches, to squats and standing pushups when I visit the loo in work, I’m back on track and feeling a million times better for it.

My walk from the car park to work is 12 minutes each way, and I try to walk up the stairs too – that’s 6 flights. But I can’t seem to bring myself to walk down at the end of my day. I say it’s because it’s late, and the stairwell is too quiet. But that’s not really it. What stops me? Is it that I just feel too tired and want to get out of there? Is it because I’m ALWAYS late leaving the office, so I’m in a hurry? Or is it something else. What is that hurdle I can’t seem to get over? Answers on a postcard, – or in the comments section…

My shift pattern doesn’t allow me a regular routine, but I am fitting little bits of exercise in everywhere. I’ve even added a few things, so as well as the exercises in Exercise 1 Work out anywhere, which include engaging my core whenever I remember, seated crunches and seated leg lifts, I keep adding new things here and there. I think I’ve simply grown to like moving, whenever I can. The new exercises are things like:

  • Standing leg curls for my hamstrings (anywhere I’m stood still, like waiting for the kettle)
  • Standing hamstring stretches (as above)
  • Standing quad stretches (see the stretches linked from Month 5)
  • Lateral (side) stretch
  • Adductor (groin) stretch – usually while watching tv, or now while I’m typing this.
  • Flexing my ankle joints, seated hamstring stretch
  • The odd yoga pose (Warrior and Sun Salutation are easy enough – just google them)
  • Bicep curls (no weights or bands, but still something – you could always pick up a tin of beans)

The list is pretty endless. If you can do it either standing or sitting still, I’m doing it. Admittedly more at home than at work, but I still do all those seated desk exercises in Exercise 1 too, and I do those at work.

I’m sure my partner thinks I’m crazy sometimes, but it’s STILL working. Even when I did very little, it was just enough to keep me vaguely on track.

So I gained a few pounds over Christmas (about 6 I think) but that’s all gone again.

I feel a bit stiff sometimes. I pulled a groin muscle laying some decking last year, and I pulled my back a bit clearing out the garage, but these exercises are easy enough that I can still do them, and the stretches are helping with those injuries.

If you feel the need to get all this down in a routine that works for you, don’t forget there’s a table ready for you to fill in if you want it Table for own routine. All January I promised myself I’d work out an actual routine for myself, but I still haven’t done it. Maybe I’ll get around to it before February is out. If I do, I’ll share it.

Whatever you decide to do, if you are really going for it, don’t forget your warm up… Here’s a great arm warm up – with or without resistance bands.




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