Pool exercises

I prefer to stand in a part of the pool where the water is just up to my neck. I like to think the reflection off the water makes my efforts a little less obvious. Though who knows, if people noticed me exercising, maybe I’d start a trend.

First off, leg swings.

Simple enough, but as with all aqua aerobic stuff, the water adds resistance. You’ll feel these in your obliques, your quads and your hamstrings.

Then work those arms.

Bicep and tricep curls.

Combine the two for best effect.

With hands facing forwards, elbows tight in at the waist, bring your hands to your shoulders.

Then spin your hands around
(cup them to make the most of
the water resistance) and push back down to by your sides.

For the shoulders, stretch both arms out to the sides, then bring them in to the front, back out and repeat.

Repeat all these at least 20 times and do them as often as you can throughout the day to keep burning off all that beer and tapas.

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